Metal Bracelet or Bangle



Metal Bracelet or Bangle is an article of jewellery that is worn around the wrist. Bracelets may serve different uses, such as being worn as an ornament. When worn as ornaments, bracelets may have a supportive function to hold other items of decoration, such as charms.

Feature pieces on their own, wear metallic bracelets on your right hand wrist, opposite the watch and play with matching the tone of the metal to your watch for a cleaner look to your accessories style. As for metal cuffs, be careful not to buy one resembles a bangle

In the past, warriors and kings from different cultures wore armbands on their wrists. They do so because they believe those bracelets comprising of bones and shells, ward off evil spirit. … Display of personality- Men and women (especially men) usually wear bracelets to let people know their personality.

This may symbolize the person’s character. The person is faithful, loyal, and grounded. A bracelet is best known as a symbol of a relationship to someone. Friendship bracelets are very in trend, especially with teens, for it is said that it seals and secures their relationship and bond as friends


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